Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hero Beauty Products Whilst in Thailand

OK guys I swear this will be (most probably) my last post about Thailand. I thought you would find this interesting though. I wanted to give you a little insight into what were the HERO products that I used religiously whilst I spent 10 glorious days in Thailand.

The first product is by Sunfx Body Wash $10.95, as I was fake tanned throughout the entire trip it was really important to use a body wash specific for when you are fake tanning. When you are on a tropical holiday the chlorine and salt water alone can fade your tan so the last thing you want is your soap to do the same as well. What I particularily LOVED about this product is that it smells of coconuts which was perfect for the amazing holiday I had, an absolute must for Summer. 

The next product I was loving was the KMS California Sol Perfection All Day Defense Protection 24 hour. This product will also be a fave in the coming Summer as it is like sunscreen for your hair. We are all getting better at applying sunscreen to our bodies and our faces but I think a lot of us forget about our hair. This product couldn't be easier to use, I sprayed it on my hair first thing before hopping out into the sun whether my hair was wet or dry as I knew I would be swimming and the like so it wouldn't matter. It is also great to help detangle your hair and contains wonder ingredients such as grapefruit and thyme.

 The next product I want to mention is the Shampoo and Conditioner I was using the L'Oreal Professional Expert Shine Blonde Ceraflash -$25. As any fellow blondes will know (as I have recently got ballayage in my hair I put myself in this category) you need to protect it. Chlorine and sun damage can totally change the colour you originally wanted. What my amazing hairdresser recommended was getting a silver shampoo. The silver shampoo neutralise the brasiness which can occur and prevents it from fading. The "silver" shampoo is actually purple colour and I really enjoyed using both whilst I was away. The bottles are quite small and are expensive and are $25 each it worked well for me when I was travelling as I didn't want to take big bottles away but I might not buy again until Summer when I need that protection again.

There are a lot more products I want to talk about but I like them so much I think they deserve their own posts.

Have you tried any of these products before?

miss chew


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  1. Heya :)

    Just wondering if you can tell me some more about SunFX? (ie: where to buy it from?)

    I just had my first ever faux tan and I think I need something like this! I had it on Saturday and I feel like it's fading already- I have done what I am "supposed" to do but I want to extend the heck out of it (and all my faux tans in the future)


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