Friday, July 22, 2011

Lauren Conrad does Ombre Nails and now you can too!

Oh LC, I love when you bring out something new and inspiring that instantly makes us all want to try it. Sometimes there are trends sitting in the back waiting just waiting for a celeb to jump on the bandwagon and BANG huge popularity! Think back to when LC wore baby blue nails for instance...

Her newest trend to try is Ombre nails... or a graduated mani.

Image courtesy of BellaSugar
What does this involve? Well it is taking 5 colours from light pastel to darker and then black and gradually getting darker on each finger and repeating on other hand. There have been a few trends popping up of people having one finger a different colour or the whole hand 10 different colours for each finger which are a fun way to brighten up your mani.

It is super fun and no reason why you can't try it too!

Here are the colours I used:

And my finishing product!!!!!

To die, right?

Have you tried this look before? Will you try it? Love it/ Hate it? I want to know...

miss chew


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