Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate REVIEW!

When you think of Vitamin C, what do you think of? Oranges maybe? Or a way to get rid of that pesky cold or to prevent one from coming on? Well I urge you guys to think of Vitamin C as a big helping hand for our skin.
Vitamin C seriously is amazing for your skin, it evens your skintone and decreases wrinkles- honestly it really does and the product I have been loving with all its Vitamin C goodness is Kiehl's  Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate-$89. This little product contains 10.5% pure Vitamin C which is some pretty hefty quantities. 

This nifty little image below explains it all well...

You use this serum on clean, dry skin and it has a faint chemical smell which goes away straight away. The formular is white in consistency and I make sure I give the bottle a shake before I apply as the formular gets a little gluggy otherwise. Once you apply it on your skin it almost feels like a primer, you know that really smooth feeling you get when you apply them? Just a word of warning though, be careful around the eye area, go no where near it as if it gets in your eyes it stings like no tomorrow! 

Sometimes when I apply it, I almost feel a light tingly, stinging feeling which last maybe 10 seconds but to me that just means its working. 

Since using this product I have noticed the sun spots on my face fading and my acne scars fading as well as a all round glow to my skin. Vitamin C really is the shit, I am telling you and like the poster says it is just as powerful as retinol and I love that it gets deep into my skin to heal it and make it glow. 

I just want to say though that like nearly every serum I have ever tried (gosh that's a lot) you really need to give the product up to a month to notice the difference and to take effect. 

You can find Kiehl's products from their stands a David Jones and Myer, their flagship store in Paddington and now on their website www.kiehls.com.au.

Have you realised the wonder that is Vitamin C?

miss chew


Please note this product was offered for consideration.


  1. Ohh I didn't know it worked on acne scars- weehee! Excited to go home and slap it on them x

  2. I'm addicted to this stuff. Love the review :)

  3. hi i want to ask, is this product suitable for people in the age of early 20s? because this year i am 21.. thanks ^^


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