Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boots Chemist, where have you been all my life?

Have you guys heard of Boots Chemists before? I swear I all of a sudden feel like I was the LAST person on the face of the planet to hear about them. This chemist which has outstanding products seems to be EVERYWHERE all over the world including at Koh Samui Airport yet not in Australia.
I was recently introduced to Boots when my one day mother-in-law said all she wanted from me when we went to Thailand was beauty products from Boots. Boots? What's Boots, boy was I a fool.
When I finally arrived at Boots, I was in love and really overwhelmed considering I had approximately 2 minutes to find her cream and look around and poss grab something for myself, who am I kidding of cause I was going to get something for myself.
This was the product I ended up with is the Hawaiian Islands- Coconut and Hibiscus Body Butter I think I paid about $10 for it. I was drawn to this cause hell I was on a tropical island and I wanted to bring that amazing feeling back with me. The consistency is super creamy and white and when you open the tub you are overcome with tropical images and wanting to drink out of a coconut. When you apply the cream it is thick but quickly absorbed and a little bit lasts a long way. 
This body butter uses organic coconut oil which leaves your skin feeling so soft, I have people feeling my arms all the time commenting on how soft my skin is haha no really it has been so much softer than usual and I am loving that!

Seriously though if you happen to be traveliing overseas soon or know someone that is then beg them to pop into Boots Chemist and grab some of their amazing products. 

Have you been to Boots before? I am dying to find another convert!

miss chew



  1. Boots is a British thing but yes, unfortunatly not in Australia! You can buy some of their products from US Target.

  2. Boots is like Priceline on steroids!! They carry so many own brand ranges that are amazing as well as the usual drugstore brands. It's heaven and I miss it so much living in Aus. I raided it when I went to Thailand too!


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