Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking through the Winter Barrier with Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

I feel like all my blogs start the same lately, Winter is doing crap to my skin like it is to everyone's skin and so... my savior which I have been using for months is this wonder product. The product I have been using is Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque-$34. I actually have gotten the greatest benefit of this product before I left for Thailand. When I knew I had an impending tropical holiday/ wedding I was attending when I knew I would be bare faced and care free the last thing I wanted to worry about was covering up from spots, something that constantly concerns me. I know that clay based prodz are perfect for spots and blemishes as they draw out impurities. This masque helps get rid of surface dirt which unfortunately is what can clog pores leading to breakouts, for me I think it's more a hormal problem as I am pretty damn good at keeping my skin in top condition I think. So on a random note ingredients in this clay were sourced from the Marajo Island in the Amazon river- oh come on! I honeslty always wonder, who just goes, you know we need some clay masque we are developing, where shall we get it from, hmmm lets get it from the Amazon! Anyway, I get distracted thinking of the Amazon. 

How does this product work for me? When I apply it, which I do twice a week FYI, I apply a thin layer on freshly cleansed skin and leave on for about 15 mins until it gets all dry and crackly and then with a wash cloth soaked in warm water I gently wipe the masque off in circular motions further exfolitating my skin. I make sure I apply it underneath my jaw line as well as I know many women, myself included can expierence most breakouts there. 

After all the product has been removed my skin "glows" no bull! I cannot begin to describe how beautiful and clear it looks, I feel like my skin looks younger, radiant and healthy, trust me this is such a winner, when used regularily my imperfections really cleared up and made my skin just perfect for when I went away. I didn't have to worry once about covering up any ugly pimples, such a nice feeling. 

Seriously though if you have skin which even remotely sounds like mine then you will benefit from this product and I know with a relatively inexpensice pricetag it is a product which will be on high rotation in my beauty cabinet for a really long time to come.

The masque itself has a earthy smell to it, which is probably the best way I can describe it and feels cool on your skin.
The masque pot-see it's so lovely and thick
With Kiehl's in Australia now being able to purchase online you can find out more here http://www.kiehls.com.au

Have you tried any of their masques before? 

miss chew 


This product was offered for consideration


  1. This mask sounds amazing! I've used Natio's Clay and Plant face mask and it looks very similar and works very similar to the Kiehl's Clay Masque!

  2. I LOVE LOVE this mask! Their Algae mask is amazing too, have you tried it?

    ps. I just added you to my 'links i love' page on my blog x

  3. Oooh the Alge masque sounds great! Thanks for the link I will check out your blog too! x


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