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SK-II: A Journey to learn about the miracle that is Pitera

Recently I was invited to learn more about the SK-II miracle ingredient Pitera at their pop up exhibition in Sydney CBD (Cate Blanchett who has been the face of SK-II for 10 years opened this exhibit earlier and apparently her skin does actually look that good in real life!) I have been using SK-II for a while with their Facial Treatment Essence which you can view here. I love it and have noticed a change in my skin tone whilst using it. Whilst watching the presentation it made me fall in love with it all over again. 

To those who are new to the brand the way the ingredient Pitera was discovered by "A Japanese monk visiting a sake brewery who noticed that the brewery workers had extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy."After a series of experiments a team of skincare scientists discovered the secret; a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. They named the liquid 'Pitera', which, over time, has become known as the 'Secret Key' to beautiful skin. Developed by SKII, Pitera is a yeast ferment filtrate of sake. It contains a natural collection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids and helps restore the skin's natural renewal process- sounds great huh?

Listening to the presentation

We were then introduced to the Vision Scope which I will explain more in a second
The amazing range
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Then after the presentation we were each introduced to the Vision Scope. This little device magnifies your skin 40 times over, making us all shudder and my morbid fascination is pricked by the opportunity to get a closer look into my skin. To use this machine a handheld device is placed against various points in my face to get a picture (literally) of how my skin looks. The first image taken looks at my skins texture and pores which you can see below. From this image they are looking at the size of my pores and the overall condition of my skin. The little blue dot shows where they placed the machine on my face. Underneath the image of my face shows on a scale the condition of my skin, my skin is towards the greater end (phew) with some slight dryness which considering this was taken at night is normal.

The second image shows the elasticity rating of my skin out of a 100. The elasticity is a sign of your skins ageing, I was a bit shocked by this number and when I went back the next day for a facial (I know, hard life) and when I had no makeup on my number was actually 85, funny how end of day and wearing makeup can actually affect the number you receive.
The next image looks at my wrinkles they take this image out of the corner of my eye, now I didn't really think I had wrinkles, yet, but I am developing dehydration lines which is the beginning of wrinkles, so I was advised to really amp up the eye creams so make sure these do now start getting deeper... eep! See the faint lines going across?

The next image looks at sun damage on my skin you can see in this image I have a slight dusting on my skin which is clusters of melanin which I know is something I really want to reduce and fade, I feel like I can see them on my face and see faint sun spots and I want to get that even toned Cate Blanchett skin. This is where I was recommneded the Cellumination range to help even out my skin colour- I am dying to try this! Luckily I don't have much more sun damage as I try very hard to maintain good sun protection, as we all should!
The last image assess the overall skin tone and my skin is about average, again this looked different the day after once I had no makeup on as the makeup can muddy the scan.
So I learnt a lot about my skin through these scans, my skin is overall in good condition which means all the hard work I put in is paying off!
The Chair for my amazing facial!!!!
I had the most amazing facial and finally got to try their miracle cloth mask which I have heard so much about which is full on concerntrated Pitera, and I got one to take home which I will talk about soon. I know I am eager to to expand my range of products but even since using my Facial Treatment Essence every day in my routine again I am again seeing that glow to my skin, I forgot how great it can make my skin look. 

The last thing I wanted to mention was the new introductory kit they have launched:
This kit is fantastic, for the price I got for the Facial Treatment Essence which is the same size of mine 75ml you get the Facial Treatment Essence, mask and try the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion which has AHA's to chemically exfoliate the skin. The mask alone cost $30 and then you add in the lotion, so it is so worth it. If you have ever been wanting to try SK-II then this is a great way to start and that Facial Treatment Essence will last you ages, you only need a tiny amount onto your hand and dab it onto your face. 

So that's enough for me, now I want to know, have you tried SK-II before? What do you think?

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  1. OOh, that Vision Scope looks fab...but at the same time, scary...I wonder what my skin would show....??

  2. Hi ,
    I learnt a lot about my skin through these scans, my skin is overall in good condition which means all the hard work I put in is paying off!

    Have a nice day


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