Friday, August 5, 2011

Jessica Alba brings the Top Knot to life and So do I!

I know this may come as a shock to you but I have never really felt I could rock the top knot. I know they look amazing and are so hot right now but I just didn't feel I had the bone structure maybe? I don't know. It wasn't until I saw this picture yesterday of Jessica Alba looking all glowy and very, very pregnant at the premiere of her new movie Spy Kids 4 that it made me think, maybe this is a style I need to have another go at, this take on the top knot really is a thing of beauty. I love how soft, and floaty this hairdo is and simple. 

Something I really wanted to have a play with. Any of these styles of hair are actually really easy to create, all you need to do is put you hair into a super high pony tail then flip the ponytail forward and then secure different sections loosely around your head. 

This is my interpretation...

The Close Up shot!
 What I did with my hair is make a big forward loop which covers up any bumps in your hair and  think it really brings out the Balayage in my hair.

The longer angle shot
I think that by making the knot bigger in size it makes your head look more inproportion. I think sometimes people do the buns so teeny tiny their heads look huge, maybe that is just me, I have always been a "bigger the better" kind of girl. 

I actually think this look looks really professional and harder to do than it is, which is amazing as I pretty much cannot do anything with my hair!!

OK, so honestly, what do you think? Can I pull off the Top Knot or do I still look ridiculous?

miss chew 


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  1. You definitely pulled it off. I've also seen top knots with large silk flowers on it. Gorgeous!


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