Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bloom Lip Balms and their awesomeness!

I know, I know, if you read blogs (duh!) you have probs ready a million reviews all about these wonderful little lipbalms but now I will give you my review. I was sent little Tropical Storm-$6.95 to try out and since I a) love lip balms and b) it's Winter so I NEED them, it was love at first swipe. 

The lipbalms were a part of a collaboration between Bloom and Boost Juice which I think is incredibly sweet (no pun intended) and now I am actually quite keen to try the drink, tropical storm!

There are 6 Flavours in total:
  • Strawberry Squeeze
  • Watermelon Crush
  • Berry bang
  • Mango Tango
  • Banana Buzz
  • Tropical Storm
I am really glad I got to try Tropical Storm as the only other ones that really interest me are maybe Watermelon Crush and Berry Bang, I don't normally like lipbalms that are too sweet. 
The scent is quite subtle and they contain no flavour (dang!) when I use this lipbalm it really does leave my lips feeling incredibly smooth and almost makes me look like I have a slight gloss. With the weather I have been battling these really have helped me out. The reason why they have been doing this I imagine is because they contain Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil and Beeswax, all very lovely and natural ingredients and these lip balms are free from parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils and silicones, I love reading brand becoming more aware of the ingredients placed in products, very good for us!

I know I have read a few not so positive reviews about these lipbalms about the price being too high or how they don't containt SPF, these are valid points. For me the price point is about what I would pay, if it was more than that I probably wouldn't bother. For me, I really like the scent, maybe I just lucked out, as I have heard the Tropical Storm has been selling out so if you want this one, you better get in quick!

I also want to add that since I received this lipbalm, it has not left my handbag, I use it everyday and have really enjoyed using it!

You can buy Bloom Boost LipBalms: Selected Boost Juice Bars, Myer, David Jones and Blooms Flagship Store in Melbourne. 

To find out more please visit their website

Have you tried these LipBalms? What did YOU think?

miss chew


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