Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAC Cream Colour Base- Movie Star Red-LOVE

I recently went onto the lovely Jess from MissjShopholic's Blog as she was having a Blog Sale, those 2 words really do excite me, I quickly as technology would let me, jumped at the opportunity to make a few little purchases and this was one of them. The MAC Cream Colour Base in Movie Star Red is amazing, it is a red which is actually more pink and like no other I have ever tried before. The colour being true to MAC form is bright and vibrant and when I first applied it I absolutely loved the completely different look it gave me.
The swatch on my hand, how bright is that colour???
I just love it!! Now for the tips on applying such a crazy full on cream blush:
1. I use my middle finger and I get the smallest faint colour on my fingertip
2. Gently pat on the colour onto the apples of your cheeks, if you are unsure, smile and it is the lovely little fleshy parts on your cheeks. 
3. As you rub it in I use circular motions and gradually build up the colour and blend, as this colour is so bold it is so easy to apply too much so build it up
4. I usally set it with transulcent powder and your done!

The final product!

How gorgeous does this look on huh?

Now for the bad news, I don't know if MAC still stock it but I am positive you will be able to hunt it down online or find a dupe similar, the point of this blog was for you, my lovely reader, to learn to expieriment with different blush colours rather than your standard and that you can see just how pretty other colours can be!

What do you think? Do you like it? Or is it too bold?

miss chew



  1. I think you really suit a strong blush, looks really nice on you =)

  2. That looks so gorgeous on you!! I need to stop spending money, but being the MAC addict I am I think I need to purchase this one!

  3. Love the flush it gives your cheeks! I was expecting more of a red from this product than a fuschia but it's a gorgeous bold colour.

  4. Wow wow wow!! That is so perfect for you :D

  5. Hi hi... Thank god i met an example here. I want to buy this item online from a Malaysian online shop & unsure bout the real look of its color on a person, the image also were small. Luckily i found your blog. I will proceed with this color since i was boring with same nude/coral/brown/natural/rose color i had in my collection from different brands. Time to have fun with this! =) And what i like bout this item, it is 3 in 1... Coz i read some expert advised not to carry to much cosmetic in a bag. This will be handy =)


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