Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Empties

So I know soooooooo many beauty bloggers do a "Empties" post and I thought it would make sense to do one too. For me, I love reading them as it really lets me know what products bloggers "really" love, as they love them enough to use the entire thing.
So this is my empties for the month of March:

-Grown organic vanilla and orange peel hand cream- $24my goodness I love this, smells divine and makes my hands super soft, I particularily like to slather it on my mitts before I go to bed.
-L'Oreal ever pure shampoo and conditioner-$14.95 each one of the cheapest and best I have used in a long time. My hair is so bouncy and vibrant from using them!
-Arbonne translucent loose setting powder- my fave translucent powder to set my makeup and make it last all day long
-Dermalogica special cleansing gel- such a nice gentle cleanser which feels so nice on my skin and smells so relaxing
-Burt's Bees radiance eye creme- love this eye cream! My eyes feel so hydrated all day after using this eye creme and as you only need a tiny amount it lasts so long!
-Rexona hypo-allergenic body responsive deodrant- my go to deodrant that protects me all day long

If you have any questions about these products please let me know!

miss chew



  1. I really enjoy seeing what my fellow beauty bloggers use up too, so interesting :)

  2. Yo've done so well with those empties. I love reading about what people have used up.

  3. Thanks girls, and this next month is looking to be a big one, I am already starting to finish off so many items... eek!!

  4. Have heard so much about the vanilla and orange peel hand cream, I neeeed to try it!
    Great empties, you did way better than I did for March!
    xx emmabovary


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