Thursday, April 28, 2011

Activance Hair Stimulant- Making your hair Kardashian Friendly!

I am currently growing my hair long, longer then ever before and I am finally doing it in a way that it is healthy and not just cause I haven't had it cut in years... (hmm that reminds me I am in need of a cut). I take very good care of my hair and it is in better condition then it has been since I was a child. The one thing I lack is Kardashian volume. I am almost at their length but I want some bounce to my hair y'all! Check out the pic below- now thats what I am talking ABOUT!

It wasn't until I tried this nifty little product called Activance-$55 that I finally started to get me some volumne!

Touted as the worlds first hair cosmeceutical product this product not only gives me great volumne but for people with thinning and damaged hair it is great to restore what has lost. 

I was talking to a hairdresser at a top Sydney Hair Salon that stocks this product and she said to apply whenever you brush your teeth so as often as possible, I will admit it took a few weeks to really notice the difference but I notice now that day after I wash my hair when I brush it VOOM volume!

This products star ingredient is called Rhodanine which is found in egg yolks (yep egg yolks) apparently the levels we have naturally in our hair become depleted with washing, heat styling, dying and by adding Rhodanine to your hair you can boost moisture and help reforge the bonds in your hair making it stronger. 

Activance not only will make your hair fuller and but will assist in preventing hair loss- a clear winner for me!

When you apply the product it is not sticky and smells like a teenager boy deodrant but that smell doens't last (and I have smelt worse products).

You can find Activance: from their website at or call for your nearest stockist on 03 9326 8844

What do you think, worth it to get Kardashian hair?

miss chew


Please note: This product was offered for consideration


  1. Good timing! I'm about to try this 'cause, heh, I want giant sexy 70's hair and I'm sick of my hair being so flat and raggedy.

    What's the texture like? Is it thin and watery or more like a gel?

  2. You will love it. You just need to be patient to see results. It's very light and thin and just a little sticky so best on wet, just washed hair. Wouldn't put it on dry hair at night unless I was going straight to be and washing in morning. Jc xx

  3. Hi Honey,

    I got this too, but yet to try it out, but by the sounds of things you've had great results. I'm totally with you on KK, she always has THE best hair. I wish I had hair like her. The only thing that has come close to results like that is Cloud Nine's THE O, it's freakin' amay-zing!

  4. omg THE O, I would LOVE to try The O!!
    This product does work really well though!


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