Monday, April 11, 2011

A little taste of Royalty- Kit Cosmetic Her Royal Nailness

With the Royal wedding quickly approaching there is a huge buzz right now and the latest to hop on the Royal bandwagon is one of my personal faves Kit Cosmetics. Kit Cosmetics have brought out a Royal themed range called "Her Royal Nailness". The range which will be available throughout Kit Cosmetics stores and online from Monday 11th April and I was lucky enough to try my fave the Sapphire Blue-$15.95. I have been looking for the perfect navy nail polish for ages and this has most definitely fit the bill. The colour is rich and a true deep sapphire colour as the name suggests. 

The lovely bottle I received even had a Royal Engagement Ring! Loves it! This is about as close as I will get to Royalty haha!
My boyfriend even said he thinks out of all the colours I have worn on my nails this is his favourite which really surprises me.
This colour gives a more accurate colour swatch, on my stable table ha!
You should all go pick up a little taste of Royalty whilst you can!

Such a great formular, but then again I would expect nothing less from Kit Cosmetics Nail Polish!

Are you excited about the Royal Wedding? Don't give a damn?

miss chew



  1. I could not care less about the Royal Wedding but I'm loving that nail polish! The green one looks quite pretty too :)

  2. Very cute colour - and love the cute ring!

    Stable tables ROCK, btw!

    AJ x


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