Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finding Mr Bright-Benefit gets it Right!

My love of Benefit goes all the way back, love, love, love! I read about this range of products packaged together ages ago and knew I was going to be purchasing this product asap!

One of the reasons I was keen to get this is that it gives me the opportunity to try lots of Benefit products I hadn't tried before. 

The Benefit Finding Mr Bright-$45 contains "Girl meets Pearl", "Posietint", "High Beam" and "Erase Paste".
From Left to Right- Erase Paste, High Beam, Posie Tint and Girl Meets Pearl
Erase Paste- Is a concealer and this was the one product which dissapointed me as you can't choose the colour that comes with it and for my very pale skin this is way, way to dark. The product however is creamy and blends really well and I want to get one in my colour.

High Beam- I love, love high beam. It is called a complexion enhancer and it really does that. It comes out a beautiful pearl colour which I have been applying to my brow bone just under my eyebrow and it really not only enhances my bold brows but makes my skin just radiate.

Girl Meets Pearl- I had been wanting to purchase this product since it first came out and I have not been let down. This is just divine. It really makes your skin just glow. For night time party time makeup I mix in with my foundation for a all over "glow" or during the day time once I have applied my foundation I apply this creme to my cheekbones which just gives me a subtle glow which I just adore. 

Posie Tint- This product is just divine as well. This product is like the adorable kid sister of Benetint. Benetint was a huge product fave of mine for years and it gave you a grown up flush to your cheeks. Posie Tint gives you a lighter more innocent flush to your cheeks which is just adorable to use especially during the day. 

And there you have it guys, a fantastic selection of product which really does enhance your complexion. I find the price point makes this really worthwhile.

I know I will continue to get a lot of use out of this range of products. 

Have you tried any of these products before?

miss chew


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  1. I want this so bad! Shame you can't choose your shade of Erase Paste. ):


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