Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dermalogica Microfoliant- Great Daily Exfoliator

This Dermalogica product is one I have been hiding for a while and really should tell you all about it as it's amazing. The Dermalogica Microfoliant-$83.50 is a gem of a product. I love it as I wear a lot of makeup most days due to my work which means I really need that little bit of extra help to make sure my skin stays clean and pimple free from all the build up. 
The way that this product works is that it is a rice based powder (nice and gentle) which to use it you have really wet hands and apply the powder and rub your hands together to activate the product and to turn it into a paste which you rub into your skin using circular motions. 
I find that there are tiny little beads which really gently exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling cleaner, looking brighter and more clear- this is exactly what I need.
Since using this product for a while (I don't really use it every single day, but most days) it has really helped to get my breakouts under control.

I would highly recommend this product as a great addition to your skin care regime especially as it is suitable for all skin types. 

Have you tried this before?

miss chew


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  1. Love it! I am such a loyal fan. I ran out for a few weeks and my skin really missed it. It's gentle too but when used consistently has a big impact on clarity and congestion


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