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INTERVIEW with David Babaii for WildAid!

I recently was lucky enough to meet the legendary David Babaii hairdresser to the stars who considers Hollywood A-Listers such as Kate Hudsen, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman and so many more as his clients and friends. I heard that he was in Australia to do Nicole Kidmans hair for Oprah! Hard life!

I got the opportunity to meet him in person and was just dying to ask him a million questions!
He gave a talk to start with and spoke about hair trends that we could look out for.
He said that the trends we would all be wanting were soft bohemian hair, gone are the perfect ghd curls to make way for brushed out curls.

Here are some of the questions I was lucky enough to ask:

What are the trends for hair colour?: More of a darker colour, I took Nicole (Kidman) back to a redder colour, I like a little bit more depth in colour so if it's blonde it's not platnium, like what you have got going on, I like. (oh thanks!) If you do something it's to a minimal amount. With all my girls I like to bring it back down a bit like with Kate (Hudsen) I brought her hair back down a bit so she's not too platnium blonde with Scarlett (Johansson) I brought her back down but that's just for now, with Summer that might change, you want more of a sunkissed kind of a feeling.

What has been your biggest career challenge?:
Developing this line, making this line was really challenging, I worked on this line for 3 maybe 4 years. I have these items out in the range but I have another 47 items waiting to come out. I could have brought them out faster if I didn't care. I want to make sure that everything is just right.

I have used your shampoo before and really liked it.
A little tip, you should use the hydrating shampoo and the voluminsing together, its a little trick I use.

How do you come up with the ingredients?
We met with so many different people and labs, I wanted stuff that was exotic, I love exotic. I love to know that in this bottle is something that was found in Uganda or I have this new algae that comes from this island in Africa. I want those ingredients that no one has.

Normally when you see the back of a bottle there are all these chemicals which I have no idea what they are so I have no idea what I am putting onto my hair.
I have this new one coming out which is Betani (I probably spelt it wrong, sorry) Clay from deep down in the ocean from the volcano and that's what I am using for deep conditioner, it is amazing for the hair.

What advice would you give to women to looking after their hair?:
I think it's important to wash your hair, I think it is so important to rinse really well. The other thing is to take pre-natal vitamins, all my clients are on them, I don't know if you guys have them here, it gives you the nutrients you need, you need to make sure you are taking care of your hair from the inside not just the outside. (I think taking that advice on board is so important, I use shampoo and conditioners every 2 days and If I don't rinse well I would get a lot of build up in my hair making it greasier faster and wouldn't give my hair the kind of volume I like as the product would drag it down.)

How does looking after your hair change as you age?:
You have to do more, I think that with age you need to have different things to maintain it. If you over bleach your hair, over process your hair you will pay for it later. It is so important to take great care of your hair now whilst your young.

Since meeting with the fabulous David Babaii I have been trying some of his products I have been hanging to tell you all about.

1. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner -$22.95 each.

I loved these from the moment I opened the lid as they smell like a tropical cocktail. It smells like pineapple, mmmm pina colada. It has, get this, rich cucupuacu butter, blue algae and wild orchid to really, deeply hyrdate your hair. The conditioner is just as amazing and my hair feels so soft, silky and smells divine.

The other product I have been loving is the Hair Polish -$26.50. This is quite the little best kept secret, honestly I am in love!
It contains amazing ingredients as always such as exclusive blend of ten natural extracts, including Nettle, Orchid, Oat, Cucumber and White Ginger. This product can de-frizz your hair, make it shiny, smooth, it hydrates your hair, gosh it's a hard worker!
You can use it either on wet or dry hair and wow, talk about a shine factor! If you are going to be heat styling your hair this product is great to use before hand as it protects your hair against the damages of using your beloved GHD.

The last great thing about David Babaii for Wildaid products: All procucts are free of Sulfates, Parabeens, Petrochemicals. They are against animal testing. They also donate 10% of proceeds to WildAid the global wildlife conservation organisation. You can find out more by visitng

To find out more about the products: You can visit his website

You can find these products: At Priceline nationally. Love that!

I hope you love them too!

miss chew


Please Note: These products were given to me to trial

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