Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals and dreams for 2011

So this is where I want to share with you where I am at and what my plans are for 2011. You know how the saying goes if you write your goals down, or tell people then you have to stick to them!
I love January, it is like there is just endless possibilities of what you can accomplish and I feel so optimistic about life. I guess that is why gym memberships soar right about now huh?

So what are my resolutions:

1. Lose some of my "extra" kilos and get my fitness back!
How am I doing this? This is a big thing for me to admit especially online to anyone that can read this... I joined Weight Watchers. I always thought Weight Watchers was for really overweight people, same with Jenny Craig but my boyfriends mother in law recetntly had joined and explained this brand new system they have just brought in which has completely changed Weight Watchers. Bascially it works on a point system. Each food is worth a certain number of points and you are allowed to eat a certain amount of points per day, which for me is 29. Over the course of the week there is an additonal 49 points you can eat whenever you like so you can have a few drinks on a night out or a piece of cake, that sort of thing. The great thing is with this new system fruit and veggies are worth no points (with a couple of exceptions) so so far so good I have already lost 2.4kg! You can attend the meetings each week to get weighed in and then they have a chat about a particular weight loss topic and a general discussion about how everyone is doing. For me due to health problems mid last year there are a lot of foods I can no longer eat and I got to a point where I just felt stuck, stuck for foods I could actually enjoy, and foods that can help me to lose weight. This I thought could be the answer. I will document on here as to my progress and let you know how I am going, especially for any of you that may have been thinking you want to do the same.

2. Save money for my trip to Thailand for a friends wedding in June and my overseas trip 2012.
How am I doing this? My boyfriend and I worked out our budget for our trips and worked out how much we would need to save every month and will have that amount automatically direct debited from my account when I get paid! That way I won't spend it. Yes I will be having more quiet nights this year but I have to focus on the end goal.

So what are your new years resoltions?

miss chew


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