Sunday, January 23, 2011

FESTIVAL Fashion Inspiration

Now I know technically the Australian Festival Season began a while ago for many but for me and many others it begins this week. What is this week? Why, it's the biggest festival of all... BIG DAY OUT!! I have been going to Big Day Out's on and off since I was a teenager and let me tell you, it really lives up to its name! I am off to the Sydney Location at Homebush, it has so many stages and so many lives bands it is always a tough choice trying to decide who to see.
For me, the toughest choice is deciding what to wear. Not just as a fashion thing but also as a practical option as it will be 40 degrees plus and being out in the sun all day will be harsh and unforgiving.
I have been looking for some inspiration and here are some of my options. Beautiful Jess Hart (left) looks cute as a button in her wide brimmed hat. The Simple side pony I am thinking of copying plus turning it into a plait as it will be. that. hot!
Here are some others...

Having your hair out and wavy is a fantastic idea, in theory, in reality with the heat, sweat, peoples bodies, dancing, general ickiness of that kind of temperature means it is completely inpractical. Hair is best up or in plaits!

Another important consideration is sunnies! As it will be hot, hot, hot, not to mention bright. I usually check out stores like Dotti, Sportsgirl, Cotton on for sunnies as I am not going to take a good expensive pair as moshing tends to damage sunnies! Not to mention when it going dark and me losing them. This year I have opted for a tortoishelle fake ray bans wayfarers. They go with the look I am after.

Next is a hat which I think is such a given. I know that towards afternoon remembering sunscreen becomes very difficult for many people (I will discuss this in a sec) so wearing a hat protects your face at least which is tres important. No one needs a few extre wrinkles just so they can look cool huh? I wanted a hat like Jess Hart, but alas I had not enough time to search. In stead I am going with a straw cowgirl hat as it provides wide brim sun protection also for the back of my neck!

When it comes to make up and sun protection this is a toughie, yes you want to look cool but with temperatures this hot and such a LOOOOOOG day it will slide off your face faster then you can say "where is the boiler room?". I will be opting for a tinted moisturiser with SPF I like Hissyfit Saving Face which is their hero product. I find it provides some coverage as well as having SPF 30.

After I apply that I will apply a translucent powder to prevent as much shine as it can and just mattifys my skin. I will apply a cheek stain (I love Era Perez Carrot Cheek and Lip Stain).

Then I will apply a powder bronzer and blush to sit on top of the stain. I will only apply a tiny bit of eyeliner as I have seen way too many girls at the end of the night with eyeliner streaming down their faces, so bad girls, so bad... Then I will finish it off with WATERPROOF mascara! This way it will not run down my face or I will wipe it off, once I worked this little gem out, my god I was looking so much hotter at the end of night! Haha!

Whatever you do girls, please, pretty please do not forget to put on sunscreen! Absolutely slather it on before you leave to go to the festival and also during the day. A lot of brands do little travel bottles which you can get from the likes of Priceline but if you forget or can't find a small bottle, don't forget St John Ambulance is there to help you, with water and plently of sunscreen! So please protect yourself. A very close friend of mine ended up in sick bay all last year BDO with heat stroke and many others fall under that trap so be careful!
Lastly, fake tan... this is one I am constantly in debate over. Last year I faked tan like a good girl as I didn't live near the beach then so I had been in the sun, um never. Do you know what I found, it is so stinking hot that my tan just sweated right off! By the end of the night I was as pastie as I started and my white singlet not so white... I know we all want to be hot and tanned but I know this year much to my boyfriends delight I am giving it a miss!

My message to girls is this, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! No one will care if you are not done up to the nines, just be yourself, relax, stay cool, drink tonnes of water and look after each other!

Have a fanastic time!!

I will post pics post festival!!

miss chew


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  1. Great post- I can't wait to see your final look!

    Your inspiration girls look fab esp Jess Hart


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